Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What ambassadors have been cooking since the beginning of the school year.....??

Ambassadors participated in a leadership, communication and conflict resolution workshop with Mr. Michael Fryer. It was a lot of fun to build LEGO castles, compete in a scape-goating exercise, listen (or not :-) to each other and training conflict resolution skills. 

We also listened live to advice from a graduate LAS student, Ania Gruszczyńska ’14, who shared her experiences from her ambassadorship.  

The next day they were preparing the dorms and talking to their dorm heads about events ideas for their dorms this semester.

And on Tuesday we all jumped into the most exciting part of the ambassadors’ duties – welcoming new students during Orientation!

Some ambassador projects already took place – BBQ in Eden, running dorm stores in Savoy, BEB and BS, as well as daily support in their dorms performing duties. Photo reports will be posted here soon - stay tuned!